High Quality Damascus
Kitchen Knives

Handmade in Japan

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About our knives


General Knife Care

The blades are razor sharp but in return are more fragile. Improper care will result in ugly scratches and chipping. When cared for properly, these knives will last you many, many years.

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We recommend that your knife be sharpened with a whetstone when its edge becomes dull.

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Choosing your knife

There are many types of knives. How to find the correct knife for your needs.

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Got it today - perfectly balanced, very sharp out of the box, beautiful and well crafted.

doomkopf on

Beautiful damascus patina, sharp as a razor makes cutting meat or vegetables a breeze to prepare.

Mr. Noel Cliff on

Bought this for a present for a professional chef and he is very pleased.

Susan H. on