Sanetatsu Usuba Kitchen Knife 165mm (6.5

Sanetatsu Usuba Kitchen Knife 165mm (6.5")

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  • Made in Japan
  • 32 layers of Damascus steel and VG-10 super stainless steel.
  • Three‐layer structure (Damascus, VG-10, Damascus).
  • VG-10 is Japanese high-quality stainless steel with a high carbon content containing 1% Carbon. Finely crafted with Damascus and VG-10 Forged Steel, to maximize strength and cutting ability, allowing this knife to last long and keep it's the edge for a longer time.
  • The handle is made of 3/4 tang to give a solid wood feel. Unlike full tang handle which is most likely will separate from steel after continuous water exposure, 3/4 tang handle will stay sturdy and comfortable. Crafted out of sturdy Laminated Western Mahogany, shaped in a way for the user to have maximum comfort and to have a stronger grip, getting the precision one needs while preparing their five-star dish.
  • (literally Thin-blade). Thinnest of the three general knife shapes. Flat edge profile. Used for push cutting, katsuramuki (rotary cutting thin sheets) and sengiri (cutting thin strips from those sheets).
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